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The Healers Hub™

Where subconscious reprogramming, spirituality, and support meet.

The Healers Hub™ is a community dedicated to healing the healer through reprogramming, activations, masterminds and accountability to allow more growth, abundance and success to flow to you effortlessly.

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can you relate to this right now?

You've felt you needed to heal alone because you're a healer and "should" already be healed yourself. (hello fellow hyper indepent)

You're the black sheep in your social circle and have no one to talk to about magick, spirituality, crystals, and healing.

You looking to find your soul tribe and a community of like-minded souls who are also in the healer's world who you can grow with. (sounds amazing right!)

You're tired of feeling lost and confused and ready to upgrade your healing business for more success and abundance.

Now, Imagine This

You confidently show up for yourself and clients with ease and grace, certain in your worthiness as a healer and guide.

You make a full time income from a place of alignment, charging your worth and living abundantly while being spiritual.

You've healed generational, childhood & past life wounds allowing you to show up as your highest self in your business.

You have a balanced & aligned business created from a place of flow, freedom & fulfilment.

You're attracting your dream clients who are ready and excited to work with you.

You've built a soul family with other healers and teachers, each supporting each other on your growth, expansion and healing.

You feel abundant, aligned and limitless and know that this is ONLY the beginning of your massive success and ascension. 


The Healers Hub™

Receive monthly virtual healings session to continue your own healing journey as you assist others on theirs.

Offer your healing services to grow visibility and confidence in your skills.

A community of healers coming together to heal together.  Receive the support, encouragement, guidance, and coaching needed to grow your business & become a master healer.

Access to a library full of resources, tools, meditations & healing practices to avoid healer burnout & step into your most abundant and successful self. (all while healing old beliefs & wounds).


nice to meet ya!


I'm Emily

Hey fellow healer, I'm here to tell you, I've been there.  I've struggled to heal alone for years due to the shame that I should already be healed.

I'm here to take you from the wounded healer to the master healer with the help of ThetaHealing to reprogram those stubborn beliefs keeping you from playing small.

This journey is fun, hang on!


kind words

The Healers Hub was exactly what I was looking for!  I've been a healer for over 5 years but never felt supported in my own journey until now.  I no longer feel the need to heal along and feel held in this space of beautifully aligned healers.

Image by Stephanie Liverani

Margret T.


The Healers Hub™

A monthly online community for healers to heal, grow their business, and become a master healer.

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here's what ya get


Monthly healings, activations, and coaching sessions to assist you in working through those stubborn blocks and limiting beliefs so you can start or grow your healing business with ease and grace.


 A community of like-minded souls who will support you in your journey to being seen, heard and releasing any healer wounds.

Receive guidance on client sessions, growth tactics and mindset hacks.


Access to a library of meditations, tools, practices, and guides to assist in the start or growth of your healing business in addition to continuing your own healing journey.

Bonus 1

**when paid in full**


  • Receive a 1-1 ThetaHealing session to work with your specific and unique blocks and reprogram them once and or all!

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Bonus 2


  • The Healers Hub and Healers Blueprint Academy go hand in hand.  Join the Healers Hub and receive a 20% discount on Healers Blueprint Academy (a self-taught course focused on reprogramming all the healer wounds).

here's your bonuses

Bonus 3


  • Receive access to not one, but two free E-Books! 

Self-Healing: Chakra Edition & Chakra Balancing 7-Week Workout Guide

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I always felt like the odd ball in my friend group as no one wanted to talk crystals and meditation with me.  I've finally found my soul family where I can let my freak fly!


what they're saying

I've always been on the hunt for a community that would assist in my own healing as a healer.  This was exactly what my heart was looking for, and I've healed so much already.


This has been what's been missing in my healing journey.  I'm always healing others, and now I can finally receive healing in a safe and supported space.



Investment in Yourself

best value



​                Yearly Plan

  • Immediate Access

  • Support 5 Days a Week

  • Healers Library with session resources

  • Access 3 Exclusive BONUSES

  • Live monthly training/healing

  • Healers Masterminds

  • Monthly Challenges

  • Healer Directory

  • Accountability Calls

most popular



​                Monthly Plan

  • Immediate Access

  • Support 5 Days a Week

  • Healers Library with session resources

  • Live monthly training/healing

  • Healers Masterminds

  • Monthly Challenges

  • Healer Directory

  • Accountability Calls


Frequently Asked Questions

Not ready to join? Let's see if we can change that!

  • How do I sign up for your services?
    We're so happy that you're interested in bettering your healing services, business and yourself. Book a 1-1 session through the BOOK ONLINE section, or check out the range of opportunities under the SERVICE section.
  • Unsure of What's Right, Help!
    Intrigued by one of the healing options for you but unsure of which will be best. Book a 1-1 call with Emily and we'll dive into your journey, what's the next step for you, and guide you to a service that will benefit you most.
  • I'm curious about being a collaborator for the Healers Hub, how do I do this?
    We love that you're interested in being a part of the Healers Hub as one of the collaborators. As a collaborator you will be one of the Spotlight Healers and create a mastermind or resource that will benefit the community. We are looking for healers and leaders who can provide wisdom around mindset, business, marketing, and various healing modalities. To become a collaborator, APPLY through the BOOK NOW section.
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