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You've Got the

I've Got


Access the subconscious mind and discover the hidden limiting beliefs holding you back from:

- starting your own business

- entering a new loving relationship

- growing spiritually

- healing dis-ease

- living a life of abundance and freedom

limiting belief

hey there,


This gentle, powerful, and transformative healing modality allows for the effective and therapeutic release of traumatic events, old baggage, and wounds, to provide the opportunity for happiness, fulfillment, and purpose in life.

Mudra Meditation

can you relate to this right now?

You're looking to release old trauma, pain, and emotional baggage and move forward with love, fulfillment, and happiness.

You're tired of feeling helpless in your own life, struggling to change or attract what you desire. (aren't we all!)

You're experiencing physical, mental, or emotional dis-ease that you're ready to let go of, you just don't know how and you've tired everything without success. (I've been there!)

You're interested in escaping the Matrix and old paradigm and looking for a deeper spiritual connection with yourself and the Universe.

Now, Imagine This

You confidently show up for yourself and clients with ease and grace, certain in your worthiness as a healer and guide.

You make a full-time income doing what you love and feel worthy and deserving of your abundance and wealth.

You've healed generational, childhood & past life wounds allowing you to show up as your highest self in and outside your business.

You finally embody the level of self-love that allows you to confidently attract your divine soulmate with ease and grace.

You fully trust yourself and your intuition to make bold, decisive choices that led you to more success, happiness, and love.

You're the healthiest you've ever been, believing now that even the "incurable" can be changed!

You feel abundant, aligned and limitless and know that this is ONLY the beginning of your massive success and ascension. 


hey, i'm Emily


Through years of self-doubt, self-sabotage, and avoidance, I learned the secrets to becoming an empowered healer.  I reprogrammed beliefs around money, feeling worthy, religion, and even fear of persecution.


Now I'm teaching you these same techniques so even the biggest newbie to healing can overcome the fear of the unknown, and the self-sabotage trap and instead trust your intuition, charge what you're worth, and become a master healer!

White Plants

"The magic of Theta Healing is indescribable.  Not only have I released the years of trauma from my past, but I've also discovered just how powerful I am in my own healing.  Emily isn't just a healer, but a teacher for your own healing.  She has empowered me to become the Creator of my reality and this wisdom I will cherish forever."

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Olivia M.

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here's how ThetaHealing can help

Theta Healing allows for a deeper awareness of one’s life and connection to one’s self and the world.


A client takes with them the knowledge and wisdom from their Highest Self to regain the empowerment to make positive changes in their life even after the session. 

This healing process taps into the Theta brainwave state to explore your past where “bottom beliefs”; as known in Theta Healing, were formed in childhood.


This malleable and suggestible brainwave state allowed you to pick up beliefs about who you were and where you fit into the world based on your external experience.

here's what ya get

Identify and reprogram the limiting beliefs keeping you repeating the same self-sabotaging thoughts, stuck living through your habitual behaviours, and struggling to change your life.


Gain deeper self-awareness and self-mastery for one’s life, and connection to one’s self and the world by shedding the layers of ego that have kept you living in fear, dis-ease, or poverty.


Improve the mind, body, and spirit while getting closer to the Creator of All That Is.

Through the ThetaHealing Technique, intuitive abilities can be used to bring about spontaneous changes and physical and emotional well-being.


What You Can Experience Through the
Theta Healing Technique

Reprogram limiting beliefs

Reduced Anxiety/Depression

Heal "chronic" and "incurable" diseases


Improve self-love & relationships

Unlock your soul blueprint

Channel Source Energy to Receive Universe Guidance free from Duality, Polarity, and Ego

Connect With Ancestors, Angels & Spirit Guides

Heal childhood trauma

Balance Chakras

Improve relationship with money

Change Genetic Coding

End the cycle of self-sabotaging behaviour


"The guidance I received from Emily completely changed my life. I had always felt I needed to heal alone because I was a healer and "should" have it all figured out.  The support provided allowed me to see that I didn't need to live through those old paradigm beliefs and could choose to heal together."

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