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Are You Ready to Heal Your 


So Your Kids

Don't Have To?

Mama, you are the guardian and guide to the little ones, and you possess the enchanted key that unlocks your new earth children's connection to the divine and weaves them into the tapestry of energetic harmony. But what happens when their journey of healing stirs within you unsettling emotions, inner child wounds, and unhealed trauma and you find yourself struggling to balance it all?


It's time to be the cycle breakers and heal yourself and little ones.

let's change that with

This gentle, powerful, and transformative healing modality allows for the effective and therapeutic release of traumatic events, old baggage, and wounds, to provide the opportunity for mothers to expand, heal themselves, and be divine mentors for the New Earth children.

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are you feeling this mama?

You've experienced/experiencing postpartum depression and struggling to find the joy in motherhood

You're constantly triggered by your little ones behaviour, whether resisting sleep, fussiness or temper tantrums and can't seem to remain calm

You had a miscarriage or traumatic birth and somehow feel disconnected from your child

​You want to find alternatives to healing your child but unsure of exactly how to access this energy when you barely have any yourself

Want to be certified to heal your kids through ThetaHealing?

Green Forest

"ThetaHealing has been foundational to my experience as a mother.  It has given me so much strength and empowerment.  I use it not only on myself but on my kids daily and we are both so much happier because of it!"

Mother Carrying Her Daughter

Angela G

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Now, Imagine This

You confidently show up for yourself and your children with ease and grace, certain in your worthiness as a mom.

You make a full-time income doing what you love and feel worthy and deserving of your abundance and wealth all while being with your family.

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You've healed generational, childhood & past life wounds allowing you to be a cycle breaker and prevent your children from experiencing the same beliefs

You finally embody the level of self-love that allows you to confidently take time for yourself guilt-free!

You fully trust yourself and your intuition to make bold, decisive choices instead of following how you're "supposed to" parent.

You're the healthiest you've ever been, and transcended all postpartum depression!

You feel abundant, aligned and limitless and know that this is ONLY the beginning of your massive success and ascension. 


hey, I'm Emily


I am Emily Miotto, a ThetaHealer, and mama of one little awakener. My own experiences with postpartum depression inspired me to help other mothers find the empowerment to heal themselves and little ones through spirituality. Through ThetaHealing, somatic movement and aligning my frequency, I discovered how to prioritize myself outside of motherhood while providing unconditional love and healing to my little one. My teachings are designed to help you become the cycle breaker by releasing generational beliefs and owning your true divinity as a mother to heal your children too.


Let's begin your own transformational journey today.

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How ThetaHealing Works

Theta Healing allows for a deeper awareness of your life and connection to yourself and the world.


You'll be connected to your Highest Self to regain the empowerment to make positive changes in your life even after the session. 

This healing process taps into the Theta brainwave state to explore your past where “bottom beliefs”; as known in Theta Healing, were formed in childhood.

This malleable and suggestible brainwave state allowed you to pick up beliefs about who you were and where you fit into the world based on your external experience.

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Not Only That!

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ThetaHealing can be used to heal your child to!  This sacred bond between you two allows allows for deeper healing, a stronger connection, and more empowerment as a mother.  

  • Balance kids chakras, cortisol levels, adrenals

  • Connect with their higher self to address their specific needs as an individual

  • Clear energetic cords/spirit attachments

  • Release trauma from birth

  • Improve sleep, help with teething, change colic behaviours

  • and more!

  • 1:1 reprogramming, channeling and healing

    195 Canadian dollars

Want to be certified to heal your kids through ThetaHealing?

  • 1:1 reprogramming, channeling and healing

    1 hr

    195 Canadian dollars
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