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Free Mystic Offerings

You're invited to get a taste of the freedom, liberation and joy that comes with parenting against the norm, using energy healing  parenting from intuition in one of our FREE mystic offerings

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Discover the deep dive truths about our society and it's effects on your childs spiritual development, and what to do about it!

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Motherhood is truly an initiation.  Receive the womb codes, activations & healings needed to transition into this new life as a spiritual mother.

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Baby not sleeping but not willing to sleep train?  Lear the energetics of sleep in this mini course and watch your child AND you, get more zzz tonight.

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Ready to uplevel your parenting and use the easiest and safest way to heal your little ones.  Energy Healing Baby is just what you need to start your journey into the world of energy & health.

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