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Wild Mom
Activation Series

Access the Wise, Wealthy and WILD Mom Archetype

Day 1

Embracing the WILD You

WILD Mom Activation Day 1Emily Miotto
00:00 / 31:30

This activation provides the tools to let go of the past "good girl", embrace your true gifts as a mother and woman, face the shadows of your psyche and enhance your intuition to step into your wildest essence.

Day 2

Womb Codes to Wealth

WILD Mom Activation Day 2Emily Miotto
00:00 / 28:32

This activation releases the karmic contracts and vows holding you to poverty, heals motherhood wounds and accesses the womb codes for prosperity and abundance that allows you to step into the WEALTHY version of you.

Day 3

Unlocking Your Intutive Self

WILD Mom Activation Day 3Emily Miotto
00:00 / 33:11

This activation is the most powerful yet.  You'll gain access from all the higher entities and planes of existence to unlock your most intuitive, wise and powerful self!

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You're Invited to

The Mystic

A container to access your wildest, wealthiest and wisest self

You'll receive:

  • ongoing access to me

  • regular activations, healings and reprogramming

  • discounts, special offers and workshops tailored just for you

  • resources exclusive to you

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Ready to heal, support and connect deeper with your child?

The Basic DNA ThetaHealing Training is open for enrollment for summer 2024!

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