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Basic ThetaHealing Certificatiom 


Where subconscious reprogramming, spirituality, and support meet.

ThetaHealing is a powerful energy healing modality which allows you to channel Universal energy for subconscious reprogramming, healing & manifesting.

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can you relate to this right now?

You feel stuck in your life and know there are deeper reasons behind your self-sabotage and lack of financial abundance but just can't identify what they are.

You're looking to start or upgrade your spiritual journey (maybe even start a healing business) but are unsure where to start or what will work for you.

You constantly feel trapped in repeated cycles of scarcity, dead ends, feeling unworthy and shame, and are desperate to put them to rest.

You're tired of feeling helpless in changing your life and ready to take your healing & success into your own hands.

Now, Imagine This

You confidently show up for yourself and clients with ease and grace, certain in your worthiness as a healer and guide.

You have a healing modality in your toolbox that provides your clients greater results and transformation.

You've healed generational, childhood & past life wounds allowing you to show up as your highest self in your business.

You have the confidence to host a healing session and finally launch your business successfully.

You have the support, wisdom and guidance from your Angels, Spirit Guides & Energy of Creation to conduct deeper healing, channeling & intuitive readings.

You embody a deep level of self-awareness to navigate your way through any triggers, fears or obstacles that arise while remaining a leader to your tribe.

You've built a soul family with other healers and teachers, each supporting each other on your growth, expansion and healing.

You feel abundant, aligned and limitless and know that this is ONLY the beginning of your massive success and ascension. 


Here's How A ThetaHealing® Certification Can Take You From Wounded & Lost to

Aligned & Enlightened

Learn how to access the subconscious mind to perform readings, healings, and reprogram limiting beliefs in yourself and others.

This is the deep inner healing work required to ascend.

By accessing a deep state of meditation, you can connect & channel higher entities including spirit guides, guardian angels, and The Energy of All That Is to gain guidance and wisdom.

Learn how to identify wayward spirits, attract soul mates, release soul fragments, manifest from the 7th plane, perform future readings, and so much more.

You know, the fun side of spirituality!


nice to meet ya!


I'm Emily

Hi fellow healer, I'm here to tell you, I've been there.  I've struggled to heal alone for years due to the shame that I should already be healed.

After taking the ThetaHealing training, I was able to release years of trauma that kept me from fulfilling my purpose.  Now I'm here to share this gift with you and all it has to offer to your healing journey.


kind words

Taking the Basic DNA Theta Healing Seminar was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself, my career path, and my own personal healing journey. Theta Healing has helped me in so many ways from physical illness, overcoming grief, to creating abundance and a successful business.

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Annie S.


Basic DNA ThetaHealing® Certification

The Basic DNA training introduces the ThetaHealing techniques and focuses on activating the 12 strands of DNA within each participant.

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here's what ya get

3 days of reprogramming, healing, and learning how to use ThetaHealing to do it all yourself.


You will learn to identify limiting beliefs, reprogram them, and conduct a professional healing session.  


Receive Vianna's Introduction to ThetaHealing: An Extraordinary Energy Healing Modality Book and practitioner manual.

These resources include all of the practices, commands, and beliefs needed to heal. 


Receive certification upon completion and access to an online healers group for continued healing, practice, and support on your journey to setting up your own healing business.


here's a breakdown

Day One


  • Learn how to perform an intuitive reading and body scan on yourself and others to see inside the body and locate dis-ease.

  • Learn about the power of the Theta brainwave state for healing and reprogramming

  • Learn how to perform group healing sessions, which amplifies the healing on yourself or another

  • Understand the 4 belief systems and know how to locate beliefs in order to fully reprogram them

  • Understand why some people don't heal and how to work with them

  • Learn how to perform a muscle test to identify limiting beliefs and provide clients with proof they've been replaced with an empowering one

  • The basics of conducting a healing through the ThetaHealing technique

ThetaHealing Basics

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Day Two


  • Learn how to use 'digging' to locate and reprogram limiting beliefs blocking you from your life's purpose

  • Learn how to reprogram others' beliefs from anywhere in the world 

  • Work with programs creating and holding fear in the body

  • Reprogram the weighing emotions attached to resentment, regret, and rejection

  • Learn how to manifest through the 7th plane of existence

  • Learn the importance of feelings and how to download them in yourself and others

  • Perform a soul fragment retrieval 

Reprogramming fear, doubt & disbelief

Day Three


  • Identify wayward spirits and learn how to remove them from yourself and others

  • Connect with Guardian Angels to receive divine guidance

  • Perform future readings

  • Learn about energy imprints, psychic hooks, oaths, implants & the Fallen, plus how to heal them

  • Learn about the 7 Planes of Existence and how to heal through them

  • Reprogram sickness & dis-ease

  • Receive a DNA activation

  • Learn about gene activation and replacement

Working With the 7 Panes


The best invest I made towards my healing.  I've been healing my family and friends and can't wait to incorporate this into my healing practice!


what they're saying

I've become so much more aware of my own limiting beliefs and where I'd once feel lost on what to do, I now can reprogram those beliefs in 30 seconds and move on with my day!


My favourite part about this training was the support I received and the confidence I now have in my own abilities to help and connect with Creator.




best value



  • Access to 3-day Training

  • ThetaHealing Basic DNA book

  • Basic DNA Practitioner Manual

  • Certification Upon Completion

  • Access to Theta Tribe

most popular



       Two Payment Plan Option

  • Access to 3-day Training

  • ThetaHealing Basic DNA book

  • Basic DNA Practitioner Manual

  • Certification Upon Completion

  • Access to Theta Tribe

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Frequently Asked Questions

Not ready to make the investment yet? Let's help with that!

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