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the road not taken holds your every desire....take it!
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At the beginning of my healing journey, I was convinced I had to be perfect, completely healed, and do it alone.

Inevitably, these beliefs led to heartache, struggle, and isolation.


Now on the other side of those beliefs, I help healers transcend the same limitations & embody their most empowered selves.


Showing you that the bravest thing you can do is heal together.


group reprogramming
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Transform from a newbie healer undercharging and experiencing burnout, to a master healer with dream clients, an abundance mindset & a community of support.

This self-taught program takes you through the necessary healing to let go of the fears restraining you from having a successful healing business.


Using ThetaHealing reprogramming tools, video teachings & actionable conscious practices, your confidence will skyrocket enough to spring you out of the 'witchy closet' and into sharing your divine gifts with the world.

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healing certification


Feeling lost on your spiritual journey as a healer? ThetaHealing® is the ultimate guide. It is uniquely it's own but also has elements of nearly every healing modality. Through it, you can connect with spirits (angels, guides, etc...), unlock psychic abilities, manifest 80% faster, and SO MUCH MORE!

In just 3 days you'll learn both how to and reprogram beliefs keeping you from healing yourself and others, receive a certification to heal others, and gain access to the wisdom of All That Is.

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No longer feel alone on your healing journey with the Healers Hub™.  This sacred space allows you to both share your divine gifts with others and receive the support you need to move through your own layers of healing.

You'll receive:

- monthly healing sessions

- monthly healer coaching sessions

- healer tools & resources

- networking with other healers

- a support system as you progress in your business & personal healing

healers community
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1:1 healing


Have you ever been striving towards a dream just to constantly fall short without understanding why? A single personalized 1:1 ThetaHealing session will both pinpoint the trauma and limiting beliefs blocking the path to your dreams and reprogram them for good!

You'll finally know what it feels like to be free of the fears, doubts, and disbeliefs holding you back from living your most authentic and abundant life.

This is the ascension upgrade you've always wanted!


"The guidance I received from Emily completely changed my life. I had always felt I needed to heal alone because I was a healer and "should" have it all figured out.  The support provided allowed me to see that I didn't need to live through those old paradigm beliefs and could choose to heal together."


you need this

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ThetaHealing Guide

Scared to Successful

Identify if you hold onto over 40+ limiting beliefs blocking your sacred success

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