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As a mother who has gone through postpartum depression, I understand the challenges that come with raising children. It was only after turning to spirituality and becoming a ThetaHealer that I found the path to healing and balance. Now, I am committed to helping other moms embody spirituality into their motherhood journey. My goal is to help them discover inner peace, balance and trust their intuition through reprogramming limiting beliefs and practicing thoughtful techniques to raise trauma-free children. If you're looking for support on your journey, I am here to help.


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INITIATION: Motherhood Journey

Are you a mom who's struggling to stay connected to your spirituality during the daily chaos of motherhood? Our INITIATION course is tailored to teach you spiritual practices that will help you manage postpartum depression, energetically heal yourself and your children, and trust your intuition to guide your parenting journey. With customized guidance from our experienced instructors, you'll feel confident in your ability to bring spirituality into your everyday life.

1:1 healing


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Have you ever been striving towards a dream just to constantly fall short without understanding why? A single personalized 1:1 ThetaHealing session will both pinpoint the trauma and limiting beliefs blocking the path to your dreams and reprogram them for good!

You'll finally know what it feels like to be free of the fears, doubts, and disbeliefs holding you back from living your most authentic and abundant life.

This is the ascension upgrade you've always wanted!


healing certification
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Feeling lost on your spiritual journey? ThetaHealing® is the ultimate guide. It is uniquely its own but also has elements of nearly every healing modality. Through it, you can connect with spirits (angels, guides, etc...), unlock psychic abilities, manifest 80% faster, and SO MUCH MORE!

In just 3 days you'll learn both how to and reprogram beliefs keeping you from healing yourself and others, receive a certification to heal others, and gain access to the wisdom of All That Is.


"The guidance I received from Emily completely changed my life. I had always felt I needed to heal alone because I was a healer and "should" have it all figured out.  The support provided allowed me to see that I didn't need to live through those old paradigm beliefs and could choose to heal together."

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