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What If You Could Live Abundantly Aligned

by reprogramming the beliefs

keeping you feeling unworthy?

Healers Blueprint Acadamy

Where subconscious reprogramming, spirituality, and support meet.

HBA is a self-paced course for new and advanced healers who are ready to grow their business, heal themselves and live an abundantly aligned life.

Fragile Pampas

can you relate to this right now?

You're a healer, intuitive, lightworker or coach who is looking to create or has a heart centered business with a passion to help others live their best life.

You feel guilty asking for money for your healing services, no matter how talented you are, slowing building up resentment for your business.

You fear persecution or punishment if you embrace the healer role, and therefore sabotage your success to avoid this possibility.

You feel like the black sheep of the family, fearing their judgments, so you constrain from sharing your gifts with the world.

You feel it's your job to save the world, no matter how much you have to sacrifice your own time and energy, lacking the boundaries to truly enjoy any free time you have.

You're READY to become your most aligned, abundant and confident self that you were always meant to be.

Now, Imagine This

You confidently show up for yourself and clients with ease and grace, certain in your worthiness as a healer and guide.

You make a full time income from a place of alignment, charging your worth and living abundantly while being spiritual.

You've healed generational, childhood & past life wounds allowing you to show up as your highest self in your business.

You have a balanced & aligned business created from a place of flow, freedom & fulfilment.

You're attracting your dream clients who are ready and excited to work with you.

You've built a soul family with other healers and teachers, each supporting each other on your growth, expansion and healing.

You feel abundant, aligned and limitless and know that this is ONLY the beginning of your massive success and ascension. 


Here's How The Healer's Blueprint Academy™ Can Take You From Underpaid and Insecure to

Abundant & Expansive

Reprogram those pesky beliefs, instilled in this lifetime and past (hello witch wounds) to free yourself from the fears suppressing your true healing potential.



Restructure your healing business to manifest a balanced and harmonious environment allowing you to attract your dream clients, maintain an abundance mindset, and avoid healer's burnout.


Become part of a loving and supportive community of people who are on the same journey as you and no longer feel the need to heal alone. We're here to help each other.



nice to meet ya!


I'm Emily

Hi fellow healer, I'm here to tell you I've been there. I struggled for years trying to heal alone because I was ashamed of other people seeing me as less than perfect.

With the help of subconscious reprogramming, we'll take you from a lifetime of being trapped in your cocoon, unable to evolve, to breaking free and for the first time spreading your wings so you can fly. 

This journey is fun, hang on!


kind words

"Emily's coaching was amazing!  I went from attracting wounded people in an attempt to fulfill my Healer Archetype to now attracting divine clients to me.  I've never felt more confident and aligned in my healing abilities, and the profit shows!"

Image by Brooke Cagle



Healer's Blueprint Academy™

A self-paced program for self-healing, empowerment, abundance & success in your healing business

Copy of CDS0287 (14).png

here's what ya get

Over 60 video lessons to both identify and reprogram the self-limiting beliefs blocking your ability to become a master healer.


Included reprogrammings are beliefs around money, fear of persecution, needing to be perfect, religion, and more.


ThetaHealing audio reprogrammings to work with the subconscious mind and release past life trauma, generational beliefs, and conscious collective energy keeping you from sharing your gifts with the world.



Access to the Healers Hub™: a community for healers to receive the support, guidance, coaching, and any healing they need to become the master healer their meant to be.

Module 01


  • Uncover the beliefs blocking your healing abilities

  • Identify your unique healer wounds

  • Reprogram the belief: I need to be perfect to heal others

  • Discover which plane of existence you're healing from, and what vows/commitments you're unconsciously following that are affecting your abilities

  • Release the need to be sick in order to be a healer

Copy of CDS0287 (11).png

Healer heal thyself

here's a sneak peak

Copy of CDS0287 (12).png

Reprogramming fear, doubt & disbelief

Module 02


  • Learn how to overcome the Dark Side of Spirituality and being consumed by evil

  • Understand the power of protecting your energy before healing yourself or others, and the exact strategy to do so

  • Reprogram the belief: I'm not good enough to be a healer 

  • Learn the causes of doubt in your intuitive abilities and how to change that

Module 03


  • Discover the patterns and behaviours that keep you trapped in the Healer Archetype and how to notice it in yourself and others

  • Identify your true motive for healing others and see if it's serving or harming your own healing journey

  • Learn the exact formula I use to avoid healer burnout without sacrificing service

  • Reprogram the belief: I need to save the world

Copy of CDS0287 (10).png

Dismantling the healer archetype

Transcend money blocks instilled within us from past lives, childhood, and the conscious collective.

Release beliefs around:
- Money is evil
- I can't be spiritual and have money
- If I am rich I will be seen as greedy

Feel confident and worthy of charging for your services.


Untitled design (4).png

"I always knew I had fears of being a healer, but I never knew where they came from until we worked on past life witch wounds, and reprogrammed them!"


what they're saying

"I was always nervous to put my services out there because I feared no one would be interested.  This program provided me the confidence to share my gifts with the world."


"I didn't realize just how much I was undercharging for my services until I did the sway test and realized I'm worthy of asking for me.  And you know what, people keep booking!"



Investment in Yourself

best value



  • Immediate Access

  • Support 5 Days a Week

  • Discounts on Follow Up Programs

  • 2 month access to Healers Hub

most popular



  • Immediate Access

  • Support 5 Days a Week

  • Discounts on Follow Up Programs

  • 3 Group Coaching Sessions

  • Access 7 Exclusive BONUSES

  • 3 month access to Healers Hub 

most exclusive



  • Immediate Access

  • Support 5 Days a Week

  • Discounts on Follow Up Programs

  • 3, 1-1 ThetaHealing Sessions

  • Access 7 Exclusive BONUSES

  • 6-month access to Healers Hub

Abundance Formula

Subconscious Reprogramming + Conscious Action = Massive Success

We firmly believe that change happens from the inside out.  Through this course you'll dismantle the old story you've been telling yourself that's kept you broke and unhappy.

If 95% of your life is controlled by the stories told within the subconscious mind, why not change the story!

Through this simple formula, you'll emerge from this course with an abundance mindset, clarity and confidence in your purpose and soul clients & a grounded and aligned business.

Copy of CDS0287 (9).png
Healers Hub™ Sneak Peak

Heal, grow and expand with the support you always provide your clients.  The Healers Hub™ is for healers, intuitives,lightworkers and coaches to

  • Share their wins and struggles

  • Receive healings and activations to grow spiritually & emotionally

  • Access to business and healing masterminds to scale your business

  • The opportunity to showcase your gifts and receive feedback

  • Networking & accountability

  • Support as your grow as a Healer

Not ready to make a bigger investment in yourself, but want access to the community?

Ready for more?

best value



  • Immediate Access

  • Support 5 Days a Week

  • Discounts on Follow Up Programs

  • 2 month access to Healers Hub


most popular



  • Immediate Access

  • Support 5 Days a Week

  • Discounts on Follow Up Programs

  • 3 Group Coaching Sessions

  • Access 7 Exclusive BONUSES

  • 3 month access to Healers Hub 

most exclusive



  • Immediate Access

  • Support 5 Days a Week

  • Discounts on Follow Up Programs

  • 3, 1-1 ThetaHealing Sessions

  • Access 7 Exclusive BONUSES

  • 6-month access to Healers Hub


Frequently Asked Questions

Still need some guidance before making the investment in yourself to create more abundance, healing and growth?

  • How do I sign up for your services?
    We're so happy that you're interested in bettering your healing services, business and yourself. Book a 1-1 session through the BOOK ONLINE section, or check out the range of opportunities under the SERVICE section.
  • Unsure of What's Right, Help!
    Intrigued by one of the healing options for you but unsure of which will be best. Book a 1-1 call with Emily and we'll dive into your journey, what's the next step for you, and guide you to a service that will benefit you most.
  • I'm curious about being a collaborator for the Healers Hub, how do I do this?
    We love that you're interested in being a part of the Healers Hub as one of the collaborators. As a collaborator you will be one of the Spotlight Healers and create a mastermind or resource that will benefit the community. We are looking for healers and leaders who can provide wisdom around mindset, business, marketing, and various healing modalities. To become a collaborator, APPLY through the BOOK NOW section.
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