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Courses Offered

You're invited to join in one of our ThetaHealing themed courses aimed to reprogram your subconscious, align your energy, and allow you to reclaim your sacred success as a healer.


Self-paced course teaching you the sacred techniques and practices to realign your energy to abundance, reprogram your money blocks, and balance your money Chakras for more success, freedom and fulfilment.

LIVE 5 Day training on channeling Universe energy to gather the wisdom needed to create more abundance, freedom, and prosperity into your life & business.

Finally step out of the healers closet through reprogramming the top 6 beliefs holding you back.  Take aligned action to launch your successful healing business.

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Live through love through these sacred recalibration practices, highest self channeling, and ThetaHealing techniques to OWN your frequency and become magnetic to your desires.

What Our Students Say


Stephanie T

"The Sacred Success course really opened my eyes to the subconscious blocks that I held that I wasn't even aware of.  I love the simple and powerful practices to align me to abundance, and I use them every day."
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