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Flower Blossoms

Healers Communities

No longer feel alone on this journey to healing.  Join one of our sacred communities and feel supported as you continue to heal yourself and others.  From monthly masterminds, ThetaHealing practice sessions, self-healing, and business resources, we have what you need in these communities.


Join other ThetaHealers as we continue to practice and strengthen our gifts/skills.  Receive monthly healing, reprogramming, and group healing, all aimed to assist you in launching your healing business.


Join others healers as we support each other through stepping out of the healers closet, feeling empowered being seen and heard, and confidently sharing our gifts with the world. 

What Our Students Say

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"After taking the ThetaHealing course, I felt lost on the next steps to take.  Finding The Theta Tribe has been such a blessing.  It's the exact space I need to practice and still continue my own healing!"
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