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Welcome Mystic Mama,

Welcome to the sacred space where you go from mother to mystic!



are you feeling this mama?

You feel your intuitive abilities coming online but struggle to find time to take care of your spiritual development all while supporting your childs

You want to parent against the norm but find it a lonely journey filled with judgment and constantly doubt yourself

You had a miscarriage or traumatic birth and somehow feel disconnected from your child

​You want to find alternatives to healing your child but unsure of exactly how to access this energy when you barely have any yourself

Hi, I'm Emily,

I help mamas awaken to their divine essence to be the cycle breakers of generational trauma, connect with their intuition, and tap into their sacred wisdom to heal themselves and children energetically.

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I see you,

and know that motherhood is an incredibly beautiful yet challenging experience, and spirituality can provide us with the strength and guidance we need to navigate through it. As a spiritual guide & ThetaHealer, my goal is to guide you into having Unshakable Confidence & unwavering trust to use parent against the norm & use energy healing on your little ones. Together, we can work towards ending generational trauma, finding empowerment, and truly trusting your intuition to learn, grow, and heal from the little awakeners.

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Have Unshakable confidence to energy heal your baby!

What would it feel like to have the energetic tools to navigate teething, sleep trouble & sickness with ease and grace?

and what if I told you that you can learn all of this in just 3 days?

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My journey to motherhood was anything but smooth, and the birth trauma from my daughter brought me to experience postpartum depression and even resent my pregnancy.


This spiritual awakening led me to shifting how I experienced motherhood and how I raised my daughter.  I moved away from focusing on her hitting the "milestones" to her and my own spiritual development.  ThetaHealing has allowed me to navigate sleep trouble, teething, sickness, and even heal my birth trauma.  Working with the energetics deepened my relationship with my daughter, allowed me to heal generational trauma, and support her spiritual growth as a New Earth child. 

And now I'm sharing how you can do this too!

Receive womb activations, DNA upgrades & reprogram beliefs around motherhood in this FREE ThetaHealing inspired masterclass.

What other women say about working with me

"The magic of Theta Healing is indescribable.  Not only have I released the years of trauma from my past, but I've also discovered just how powerful I am in my own healing.  Emily isn't just a healer, but a teacher for your own healing.  She has empowered me to become the Creator of my reality and this wisdom I will cherish forever."

Erica T

"The guidance I received from Emily completely changed my life. I had always wanted to get pregnant but struggled and knew there had to be a deeper reason since all the test results came back normal. The support provided allowed me to see that I didn't need to live through those old paradigm beliefs and through releasing that was able to conceive."

Sabrina P.

:ThetaHealing has been foundational in how I've expanded my healing.  I am so grateful that I'm able to use it to help my daughter sleep better and whenever she's teething

Hannah E


What would it feel like to heal yourself and children, trust your intuition, and end the cycle of limited beliefs

The New Earth children are here, and they're asking you to awaken and heal!

Pregnant Woman in Nature

Let's Connect Deeper

Tune into our podcast

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This one of a kind LIVE podcasting experience allows you to interact with guest speakers, wild women and light leaders making massive impact in the motherhood game!

Follow on IG where I share tips to heal mama and baby 

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